Games Development

Kittens and Elves at Work is a small indie developer studio. Our main focus is the development of games that runs inside Second Life. But it don't limit us, we also develop games in Unit, as well create optimized 3D assets.

Second Life Games and Content

it is possible to create good games inside the virtual world. Take a look on what we accomplished so far.


Alienum is a fishing game with a scifi setup. Instead of fish, players catch seeds of alien plants.


A MMO-RPG with sci-fi as main theme under development.


Small breedable UFOs. Yes, you read right: breedable UFOs!


Adorable teddy bears. Are you lucky enough to get your favorite color? 

PC and Web Games

Check our games at the following websites / plataforms:


Section under construction

We are reviewing our tutorials to make them compatible with the latest version of Unity.

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